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Welcome, Mary Awak, to SOAP International!

We’re pleased to announce that Mary Awak Deng Aguer will be amongst the new students that we sponsor in 2013. Mary Awak Deng Aguer is one of the student’s we have committed to sponsoring this year. Our President, Dut Bior, met with Mary during his trip home to the Kakuma Refugee Camp in October 2012.

It has always been my wish to continue with my studies not only to empower myself  but also to be able to help others in South Sudan.”

Mary Awak is a vibrant young woman who we have accepted into our program to help her pursue a higher education. She was born during the Sudanese Civil War, which took many loved ones and opportunities away from her. As a consequence, neither her nor her parents could afford to pay for her college tuition and fees, and she has little chance of receiving a scholarship because she is a female in a country where female literacy rates are among the lowest in the world. Nevertheless, she has distinguished herself with every opportunity she has been given – even while being confined to a wheel chair. It is her greatest hope to find personal empowerment through education so she can return to help others in war-torn South Sudan. She is currently residing in Nairobi, Kenya, where SOAP will work in conjunction with her and local schools to find the best fit for her.

Join us in changing Mary Awak’s life here.

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